Cold feet?… A Winter Update


Happy 1st July! …brrrr… it’s cold. I’ve had my second coffee for the day, and just put on a second sock layer!

This is the first of a few little blog posts I plan on doing throughout the year ~ I don’t know if there will be a particular topic as such! but, it’s a way for you to get to know me I guess. It always feels a bit weird for me to write something to an audience of unknowns, but I like to think (for those of you that have or will be working together with me) it’s a way to stay in touch, see how I work and have a conversation about the weather ~ please feel free to drop a line or comment too! Is it snowing today? 😉

I find that during the winter, you need to occupy yourself  with a few hobbies and get really good at them. For me, one of these is cooking.I’m a Jamie Oliver fan. Not just for his cooking but his positivity! I often think to myself “What would Jamie Say?” if I’m feeling unsure about something. I’m pretty sure his response would usually be “It’s Rustic, Love!” ..and such is life sometimes!!

Although I can hardly say I’m an awesome cook, I do make my husband (of 6 months now, woah! ) tell me that I am. This proves beneficial on both fronts, I like to cook, he likes to eat. Win Win! So, if you have nothing better to do with your time and feeling like the winter blues are taking over, then I suggest you make Soup. That’s what I’ve been doing anyway and I find it’s much cheaper than another hobby of mine ~ Shopping.

A lot of people say to me “It must be so awesome being a photographer?!” and I usually reply “Yes, yes it is.” Yes I work from home, yes I have easy access to Vogels and Vegemite at any time of the day and yes, I don’t have anyone to answer too. I am my own boss ~ but that has it’s downfalls! Like any career, there’s a whole lot of boring stuff that goes along with being a Photographer and not many people know it, but I’m pretty hard on myself. I’m stubborn, competitive and impatient. (= Aries) 

I always have lists to do that never seem ticked off and seem to be added to (and are sometimes “un-tickable”), I like to day dream and I have a hard time letting go of an idea/ spend far too long thinking about it. For example; this blog post was supposed to be one paragraph long.

It’s taken me a while to understand how to run a business and get a handle on Adult Stuff~ they should really teach these things in school ~ and don’t get me wrong, I’m still learning! There’s so much to keep up with, like filing receipts, accounts, marketing, advertising, promoting, updating websites, updating portfolios, researching current photographers, learning new Photoshop techniques, responding to emails, hanging out the washing and meeting clients.

So this is my day usually, in between taking photos of course! and Winter is proving a great time to catch up things like these at work, at home~ while I have the time before the wedding season comes around again. It’s 6 months until the wedding season kicks off! can you believe how fast this year is going?! ~ if your getting married in JAN/FEB 2014 then don’t hesitate to book as spaces are filling up fast! … see, a little bit of promo there…

So stay positive (like Jamie), keep your feet warm and make the most of the sun when its out.

Love Lucy xx


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IMG_8875 copy

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