unbounded | a mini editorial


One day some beautiful girls and I went on a little road trip to one of my favourite places, Bethells. We had a picnic on the burning hot sand and roamed among the sand dunes. I love days like these and places like this.


adj.  Having no boundaries or limits: unbounded space.

IMG_6563 IMG_6551 IMG_6541 IMG_6533BW IMG_6581BWIMG_6588 IMG_6573BW IMG_6523BW

IMG_6524IMG_6853 IMG_6841 IMG_6810BW  IMG_6794 IMG_6791 IMG_6789BW

IMG_6845BW  IMG_6622IMG_6651BWIMG_6862 IMG_6875BWIMG_6667BW IMG_6660 IMG_6690IMG_6666IMG_6747 IMG_6722IMG_6734 IMG_6738IMG_6729IMG_6975 IMG_6991  IMG_6977IMG_6613BW IMG_6604IMG_6630 IMG_6884 IMG_6904 IMG_6899IMG_6803 IMG_6768BWIMG_6988


Thanks & Love : Johanna Macdonald /Photographer/Animal Lover.  Hannah from /62 Models.  Imogen from /NOVA Models.  Jess Belle/ Stylist. Brenda from /FaceMEMakeup.  Rachel Bergerson from /KINGAN JONES/ Summer Collection.

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