Bringing in the new year

Happy New Year everyone! and what a year it will be!

Big love to all my awesome couples & clients from 2014.  I’m so lucky to be doing what I do & I couldn’t do it without the support & love from the beautiful people around me. So if your reading this then I just want to give you a big bear hug.

Thankyou for helping me grow as a business & as an artist. Thankyou for your kind words. Thankyou for ‘liking’ something I post on facebook (sorry if I have posted too much!) & #instagram.

It’s been such a fulfilling year & I feel I’m at my ‘happy place’ & that is thanks to this little community.

I have lots of little, & big, ideas for the coming year which I’m sure (if you know me) at times seem silly & somewhat unattainable! but, I will try & make them happen. I’m a dreamer – but a determined one! In fact, just 10mins ago I said to Mathieu that we should move to Alaska…. Which leads me on to this amazing man! He keeps me grounded. He has to put up with my crazy fantasies & indulges me with a “Yes, Lucy” …most of the time.

We are celebrating – today – our 2 year Wedding anniversary (plus 10 some years together) So a big thankyou to him for all the support & love. MWAH!

So here is a little collage of some super memories. I could of put more in but I wouldn’t know when to stop, so it’s a spontaneous blog post! A blend of my family, friends & people that deserve a shout out.

POP! Clink clink

Lucy xoxo

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