Hi Baby ( it’s a personal one… )

Hi Baby.

Your 22 weeks old now. I sometimes forget your in there until I see this belly in the mirror growing more every day. I walk past your room & I try to picture you in there. Sometimes I smile, sometimes I get nervous & sometimes I don’t know what to think.

Your getting bigger & I can feel you move. When I wake in the morning I say ‘hi Baby’ & you say ‘hi’ back.

When I listen to music, I turn it up loud for you to hear. When I sing & dance I can feel you smile. When I walk along the beach in the rain I can feel your happy.

Sometimes I worry. When I’m feeling lonely or sad I say ‘hi Baby’ & you always make me feel better. I wonder who you are & what you look like. You will be here soon & it feels like it’s going so fast, but I feel like I can’t wait to say ‘hi’ to you.

I think your excited to say ‘hi’ to me too. x




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