Hi Baby

Your 36 weeks old……That means 4 weeks till your due date!

Time is flying by & your movements are more calculated now.  I can feel the slightest movement you make so I know when your awake of when your asleep. You are growing stronger & your now keeping me up at night. 

We had our own little baby moon (just you & me!) not so long ago. We popped over to Bali & soaked up some much needed sun. We swam every day, got massages & drank delicious tropical smoothies.

We went to Australia to visit your grandparents. We ate yummy passion fruit & slept lots & lots….

I still get waves of worry & nervousness but that is slowly fading.

I find myself smiling randomly when I do the dishes.

I’m so excited to meet you, but I know I’m not the only one. You are surrounded by love.

You have so many people out here who can’t wait to meet you & they love you already.

A few weeks ago your Dad & I went to the beach & took some photos. We talked about how we will take you back here & all the adventures we will have together.

Winter is over & the weather is slowly getting warmer.

We look forward to welcoming you to our world & this beautiful place we live in.



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