Hello I’m Lucy
 Thanks for popping by
A bit about me: I met the love of my life, Mathieu, 10 years ago at Art School where I studied Photography for 4 years. Since then I have been photographing sweet memories around the world
We currently live in Devonport (New Zealand) with our little diva burmese cat called Shiva & our  baby come toddler/teen Jakob -which has been amazing, overwhelming & life changing to say the least
We are now expecting twin babes this April 2017 so our little family suddenly just got a bit bigger!
I looovveeeee hiking in the Waitakeres, morning coffee & camping up north. 
I also love flowers. 
My background is with Fashion & Fine Art Photography & I try to do as much as possible to stay inspired, along with getting outside & being in this beautiful country.
I’m a cooking show fan. Anything to do with food really…although I can’t say I’m the best cook or grower of things BUT one day I will have a vege garden.
Ohh & picnics are the bees knees! And carrot cake.
So that’s a little bit about me, here’s a bit about my style & that big day…
Weddings are little love stories.
I love Weddings because I love beautiful & genuine emotions, & I tear up at most of the weddings! I capture all the candid & spontaneous moments in a fresh Documentary approach- it’s not just about turning up on the day, taking photos & leaving. It’s about getting to know you (+ all your special quirks) & keeping things simple, relaxed, fun & effortless on the day.
I usually meet my couples at a local cafe a few times before the wedding. I love to find out how you both relate to each other, where you met, how you got engaged & where your favourite restaurant is (hehehe..well that one’s for me)
If your keen too, I’m a big advocate for engagement photo sessions- it’s the best way for us all to hang out together & get to know each others style & for you both to feel more comfortable in front of the camera.
I’m a morning person & I’m quite often up at the computer in my little home by 7am (well, I’m awake these days at 5am due to a little morning monster), responding to emails & planning my day ahead. I’m so happy to be doing this as a ‘job’. Hand on heart, I’m so grateful. Especially for the days when it’s raining outside & I only have to walk a few metres to my computer to start work!
I treat every Wedding with care & warmth both in my nature & in my images.
Basically, it’s all about you & your love….I’m just their to capture your beautiful day for you to keep forever. That’s it really.
So come  have a little adventure with me, I would love to hear from you.
I also fly around for sweet elopements- just check out my destination wedding page & flick me an email & we can discuss your sweet day.

So excited about my new venture photographing family stories. Obviously since having a baby of my own has moved me more in this direction which feels so natural.

My Family Story sessions are in home. Natural. Documenting every day life.

Images come as a coffee table photo book, made to be seen, handled & looked at often- not just one single, forced photo on a wall, but a collection of images showing your very own family & all your little quirks & quiet moments.

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