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This full, beautiful, amazing Bali Love Story is coming sooooooon in all its deliciousness I can’t wait to share it…

I know I’ve said it before, but I love doing this as a “job”. I really feel like I make friends for life.
Messages like this mean so much & reassures me that I’m on the right path. Thank you Lilah xx

“Hey lovely! I just opened the package (made myself wait all day until Jef got home.. torture) amazing! The printed photos were such a nice suprise! Thank you so much for capturing our day and the day leading up to the wedding I feel like I have an amazing Bali story book to show people with these photos. It was so huge you coming to Bali and it’s one of the best decisions we made. I’m so glad you were able to come even with your bebe on board. We loved having you there, I loved your company and so did all of our guests. Take care these last few weeks xx Keep in touch xx” ~ Lilah

destination wedding photographer

Bali Wedding Love Story

A little preview at this gorgeous Wedding of Lilah & Jeff (& little Boh!).

I was so lucky to be able to shoot a Wedding in this hot & beautiful country. A long time dream of mine…So many smiley faces of the locals & I felt so welcomed by Lilah & Jeff’s family. Watch this space for the full featured #balilovestory.

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Bali Wedding Love Story!

Just 3 weeks to go! So excited to be flying over to the beautiful country of Bali to photograph an amazing Wedding of Lilah & Jeff in Canggu! …..I’m also looking forward to escaping winter & soaking up that warm sun!

Destination WeddingIf you are interested in planning a Destination Wedding then GET IN TOUCH!

Hello Bali! Destination Wedding

Big love goes out to Lilah Winchester, I will be flying over to photograph your sweet Wedding in Bali next year! xx

If you or someone you know is getting married in June or July 2015 in Bali or Southeast Asia I will be there & would love to document your epic Destination Wedding. So feel free to EMAIL ME & tell me all about your day!

Bali Wedding Photographer

Bali Wedding Photographer

So this is happening!

Are you eloping for your Wedding next year?? Well this is what I’m offering for 2015 as a sort of Happy- bringing in the -New Year treat. If are you are heading to Bali next year & dreaming about your DESTINATION WEDDING in a lovely tropical place with palm trees & epic sunsets & cocktails….. but wondered how on earth you can get a Photographer there to capture it all, then you are in luck!

Bali Wedding Photographer

No flight cost, no accommodation cost & no naughty extras.
Just me there, capturing your beautiful LOVE STORY.

Please just use the CONTACT page or flick me an email lucyrice01{at} with more details about your sweet tropical elopement.

xox LUCY

some little things | FAQ

Sometimes…I think it’s hard to find a Photographer that fits your needs & expectations. It also works like that the other way around too… how can clients fit with my/us-arty-creative-visual-types style. I guess  for me, I think it’s important that the number one thing is that we get along! Yes we will spend the whole day together, yes I will get to know all your little quirks & how ‘interesting’ you family is…& yes, you will have to trust me.

I have been considering about writing something like this. Over the years & many chats with friends/ past clients/ current clients I have thought that most people, when looking for a Photographer all they really want to do is trust that person & feel at ease.

So here’s some things that might help you get to know me/ us-arty-creative-visual-types..

Lucy Rice Photography


I guess you would of seen my portfolio & thought to yourself “Yeah, I kinda like that!” then we could meet over coffee (or skype). You could talk about your ideas, your first love & how you might even talk about your travels & your interests or the fact that you have a very special bond with your niece or grandfather.  The more I know about you- the more I can see what is important to you. What makes up your life (with you loved one) & what your story is.


I’m a visual story teller, which means I run around the place trying to not be seen most of the time. I like to find little secret moments. I’m not loud & bossy. I do very minimal directing because I like to capture the natural smiles. Those natural moments.


Quite often people are surprised at how much goes into a Wedding. Firstly, I’m there to capture your day. I treat every Wedding with warmth & respect…because they deserve it. Secondly, the editing process takes TIME. Lots of time. I carefully edit the images. This may take between 3-6 weeks, depending on how busy the season. I guess ultimately, what you get is your love in images! That big special awesome fun day captured in light & colour.


I love rain. Rain is good. Rain is atmospheric & beautiful & allows for more spontaneity. Embrace it!


Lucy Rice Photography

I will try to update this more but hopefully this helps a little. Check out some Love Stories or feel free to ask any questions here…or meet for that coffee. xx Lucy

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