Just Flowers.

I edited these photographs of flowers while listening to Lauryn Hill. That’s pretty much perfection to me right there.

These images were edited with VSCO film 05

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my ny resolution | my ny roots

Now that the Wedding Season is coming to an end I’m getting my creative boots on for Winter.

I re-visited my personal & creative work for some much needed inspiration. I now have the chance to go back to my roots this Winter. I’m so excited for what’s ahead this year! I have a great many ideas flying around which I will put to paper.. I also love this time of year, it sort of feels like the new year for me around this time ..maybe because my birthday is in April so I’m officially older yikes! …& I guess in return take stock of where I’m at & start planning new art projects, new travels & re-inspire my own photographic style. I think every Photographer gets this way some time or another & I sometimes worry if I’m being myself or being influenced too much by what others are doing. I’m going to start focusing on what I do more. What inspires me so I can be the best me for my clients. I will try to be more honest in my images. More real. Less afraid of what others think & take risks.

I would also like to thank all the lovely couples I have had the pleasure of working with this Summer. Those beautiful wonderful couples who I have laughed with & shared their special day. Thanks to you guys I can do what I do.

I’m looking forward to more road trips with friends around this amazing country, more learning & to a new (but still the same!) Lucy. xox



vanuatu | travel time

Before my busy and festive season, Mat & I decided to get away to Vanuatu to have some down time.

We met some beautiful people, stayed with a sweet family on a remote little island and ate fruit all day.My phone broke after trying to video the most beautiful waterfall I have ever swam in. It was worth it. I had time to be disconnected. No instagram, no emailing. Just us. Just swimming, laughing and forgetting.


IMG_9996IMG_9972 IMG_9971 IMG_9945 IMG_9942 IMG_9930IMG_9927 IMG_9919 IMG_9915 IMG_9897 IMG_9875 IMG_9868 IMG_9846 IMG_9836 IMG_9829 IMG_9827 IMG_9825 IMG_9822 IMG_9819 IMG_9818 IMG_9807 IMG_9791 IMG_9788 IMG_9787 IMG_9785 IMG_9784 IMG_9777IMG_0097 IMG_0096 IMG_0094 IMG_0092 IMG_0091 IMG_0084 IMG_0080 IMG_0079 IMG_0078 IMG_0064 IMG_0063  IMG_0053 IMG_0049 IMG_0047 IMG_0044 IMG_0043IMG_0037 IMG_0029IMG_9995 IMG_9985 IMG_9757  IMG_0104

Happy New Year,  I hope it’s filled with love, joy and adventure.

Love Lucy xx

Turkey Travel Blog~ Revisited

Finally I have got around to blogging our Turkey trip fromover a year ago now.

Mathieu & I got engaged in Amsterdam, shortly after we headed to Turkey for 3 weeks.

Click the link for the full post 🙂





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