So much young love in this Wedding at McLaren Falls in Tauranga.

I grew up in Mount Maunganui (over the bridge from Tauranga) so it was even more special for me to come to a place I know so well. Carmen & Logan had a private first look at the end of her street & it was the most amazing reaction from Logan to see his girl before the ceremony. Logan kept saying “Woaaahhhhh, I can’t believe I get to marry you today!!” with a laid back surfer grin & truly looked in awe of her.

Carmen is a Photographer. So for me it was even more of a privilege to document their day. During the ceremony she whipped out a camera to take a photo right before they kissed. Perfect.

We had so many great locations to choose from, along with an epic panorama of the falls & valley as the clouds rolled in. Carmen wasted no time to get that shot- jumping over rocks in her converse sneakers.

Such an appreciative, radiant couple with great hair to boot. This is their story- with a dash of love, on the rocks.







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