I don’t get to photograph many daytime  weddings…& I have to say, I love them!! Not for the mere fact that I can be home at 5pm like any regular working person, but that it’s so elegant. No need for heavy meals, you can still have a drink….& day time dancing is OK.

This elegant inner city wedding was at the beautiful bar & restaurant Everybodys on Fort Lane in Auckland City. Wine & delicious tapas flowed to guests all afternoon. Yum! I know Evelyn from when we went to Art School together. I remember her being amazing at design …& now she’s killing it in San Fransisco working in one of the top Interior design firms in the world. She wore a stunning VERA WANG gown- I don’t think many people could pull this off- & she looked amazing, like she stepped off the runway! That being said, I think that this quaint & stylish venue suited both her & Sibon so much… & the American candy bar was perfect.

Evelyn & Sibon decided to meet before the wedding so they could spend the whole day with their close friends & family (who, like them) flew from a very long far away land to be there on the day. Such a vibrant & smiley couple I had so much fun photographing something a little bit different for a change, catching up with old school friends & popping on the ferry home while the sun was still out. Epic!

Here is their gorgeous day in the city, inner city, inner city pressure. (you know what I mean) xxx

new york wedding photographer




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