The most beautiful wedding of Emily & Dylan is here. 

Emily & Dylan got married at Puhoi House with their reception at the local Puhoi Hall.

So much detail in this gorgeous wedding, even if your not planning a wedding I’m sure you will enjoy this! The day involved pre wedding fish n chips, hang outs in the local library, a spot of walking though long grass (my favourite! even though I was pregnant with twins at the time – anything for a good shot!), whiskey drinking, pink velvet & flamingos, lots of lace & a tons of flowers = dream wedding.

Thankyou so much to the AMAZING Michaela Janetkzo Photography for assisting me- all the way from Germany! as I couldn’t move much with my big belly you were a god send.

Thanks Emily & Dylan for being the most chill & cute couple EVER. Ok thats it….

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